Q. What is the difference between a Bolt and a Set?
A. A Set is threaded from the tip to the head, a Bolt is only threaded part way and has a smooth shank the rest of the way. To estimate the length of thread on a Bolt (under 125mm) you multiply the diameter by two then add 6mm, if the Bolt is over 125mm you add 12mm instead of 6.

Q. How do you measure the length of fastenings?
A. A Countersunk bolt is measured by its complete length as opposed to a Bolt, Set or Caphead which you measure the length beneath the head.

Q. Is there anything else to look for when buying a Bolt?
A. Two bolts the same diameter and length may not be the same, the thread could be different. Tighter threads are more used in automotive purposes and similar where a lot of vibration occurs, this thread prevents it from being shaken loose. A Bolt with a tighter thread is called “Fine Threaded”.

Q. What finishes are available?
A. We mainly stock 3 different finishes for most of our fastenings, Self-Colour, BZP and Stainless Steel. Self-Colour are just that, plain steel and are black. BZP stands for Bright Zinc Plated and are shiny and oxidisation resistant to an extent. Stainless steel is more aesthetically pleasing for some and more oxidisation resistant than BZP. We also have small stock of Galvanized fastenings, resistant to salt water and mainly for marine usage.

Q. What about fastenings for American or older machinery?
A. We do keep Imperial fastenings but stock is limited and we may not always have access to more as they are increasingly harder to acquire, therefore please contact us for stock information.

Q. Do you keep fine threaded fastenings?
A. We do keep a small selection of Metric Fine fastenings but, as with Imperial, please contact us to see if we have what you need.

Q. How strong are the bolts?
A. Fastenings are graded differently for all materials, all of our bolts and sets are “High Tensile” with a grade of 8.8 or above. Countersunk socket screws are of grade 10.9, Capheads are of grade 12.9 and Grub screws are of grade 14.9. Stainless fastenings are rated “A2” or “A4” etc. We stock A2 but are able to acquire others.

Q. How easy are fastenings to buy?
A. The more information you have about what you want, the easier it is! We have had customers ask us for an “8mm bolt” before, then realised it was a caphead. And that it was metric fine. And that it was to be stainless steel. Then realising that the thread didn’t go up it far enough making the inquest a waste of time.

Q. Can I buy a Tap?
A. Yes! We stock Tap sets, and are able to split the sets if you know which of the three taps are needed, Taper, Second or Bottom.

Q. What size drill bit do I need in order to tap out this size?
A. A Zeus Chart will tell you every size you’d ever need to know, which we also sell!

Q. Do we sell orange paint?
A. Find us the RAL code and we will do our utmost to find the paint in the required sized container you need!

Q. Will this fit me?
A. Sizes differ from supplier to supplier so we can never be sure; here is a link to an approximate sizing chart.

Q. Can’t find what you’re looking for?
A. Give us a ring or send us an email with as much information as you can (or maybe even a picture) and we will get back to you!