A Bolt is a threaded fastener with a hexagon head that is driven by a spanner or a socket.
Normally grade 8.8 unless they are stainless steel when the grade is stated as A2 or A4.
We stock a very small range of grade 10.9 Bolts but we have not listed them here, if you want a price on some then Contact us for a quote!

These are not all fully threaded, the rule of thumb for the amount of thread is NORMALLY 2 x the diameter + 1/2 an Inch.

To measure a Bolt, you measure the length underneath the head.
Just because the Bolt is the same diameter as yours does not mean it is exactly the same. The ones listed here are all Metric Coarse thread.
Occasionally in engineering and automotive industries they use a finer pitch. While we do not stock these, we are normally able to get hold of them,
Contact us for a quote!

Also, please bear in mind there are several different metric fine pitches, for example;

M10 x 1.5 = Standard/Coarse
M10 x 1.25 = Fine
M10 x 1 = Extra Fine

Please ensure you are asking for the correct pitch and be aware that there are minimum order quantities for non-stock items.